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We approach things holistically at Symphony.

When your business is going through a transformation, it takes more than leadership seminars, an innovative strategy, or a newly reconfigured website to succeed. For organizational change to deliver the competitive performance and inspired workforce you envision, you need to address the WHOLE picture – your strategy, your organization, and your leadership. Rather than solely focused on individual instruments in your company – we look at the entire Symphony.


    We develop your organization’s leaders by having them lead, not by doing it for them. We instill leadership programs that ignite your leaders to drive innovation and growth. We understand and develop your leaders in the context of their current situation and the evolving business challenges. We customize individual and group development in alignment with the specific capabilities and individual competencies demanded by their role.

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    With our methodology and your specific industry expertise, together we can build that high-performing organization you envision. We design and implement the organization that will actually deliver on your strategy. We make sure the instruments (systems, people, processes) are playing together in a harmonious way that draws you together, not pull you apart.

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    Creating the touchstone foundation from which you will compete and win. We help you define or refine a cohesive set of strategic choices that chart your strategic direction. We establish your competitive position, set clear priorities and form the blueprint for the organization you will build to successfully execute and win.

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    We enable and facilitate innovation through your organization. Projects, training, and tools to accelerate growth in your organization and build a culture of innovation. With rapid innovation and growth strategies, you can spend more time on high impact opportunities.

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